Catching Up…

16 01 2006

Ok so I was supposed to be a lot more consistent with this whole blogging thing but I guess I fell off for a little while. Hopefully I can get back on track now. It’s been quite an amazing few weeks. I went home to NJ a couple weeks ago–boy am I glad I got outta that place…talk about BORING!!! (Sorry to all my Jersey folks) But there is just no flavor whatsoever in NJ, at least not in Piscataway anyway. The people are great but the place I could do without. Anyways, I did get to see my parents and lots of my friends which was the biggest highlight of the trip. But it sure felt good to come back to the ATL. Boy, do I love city life! And I know many of you don’t consider Atlanta to be a big city. And realistically it’s not compared to NY. But it’s just enough city to keep me busy.

This past week my church’s Production Team had a 24-hour film festival and it was great! Lots of fun. And yes, I did say "my church". For those of your that read "Am I Weird", yes, I did decide to join Buckhead Church. I’m still trying to make the adjustment of getting used to not being in a traditional "black church" but it’s all good. Sometimes I freak out and wonder where in the world am I going to fit in there, but then God always has a way or reminding me that it’s not all about me and that I do have a bigger purpose than just being around the same comfortable folks all the time (although I’m not quite sure what that purpose is just yet as it relates to that…only time will tell :-). Anyways the people there are really nice and the teaching is soooo good. Today Andy talked about how God really cherishes those who are lost over those who are Christians. He was talking about how much sinners actually liked Jesus and wanted to hang around him, and he actually liked them. Now there’s an interesting thought…a Christian actually relating to people in the world…




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