The Original Gangsta’

18 04 2006

That guy Jesus, I tell you…He was one tough cat. I’m sure there are tons of ways that we all wish we could be more like him. I don’t know about you but I strive to emulate his love, his compassion, his mercy, his justice, his wisdom…I could go on and on. But if there was one thing I admire about Jesus and just wish that God would bless me with was his wit. Everytime I read the Bible I’m amazed by the amount of wisdom and wit Jesus displayed, especially whenever confronted by the scribes and Pharisees. After all, Matthew 19-22 are pretty much just one Pharisee after another trying to trap Jesus in his words. But you gotta love those moments when Jesus totally flipped the script on them. One of my favorite moments is in Matthew 21 when the religious leaders question his authority and they ask "By what authority are you doing these things?" Jesus answers their question with a question and their response is "We don’t know." (i.e. "A-DUH"). So Jesus basically says well then I’m not going to tell you about my authority. He doesn’t try to explain himself or make himself look good, which is what I love about Jesus’ character. He was comfortable enough in his own skin to not have to justify his actions to ANYBODY.

But one of my all time favorite Jesus moments has got to be Matthew 23 when after going through all those verbal jabs from the Pharisees, he finally just unleashes and gets OG on them. He’s like "You hypocrites! You snakes! You brood of vipers!" I mean he just lets them have it, almost like spraying bullets with his words. I love it because it’s like throughout the time you’re reading your like, "Come on Jesus, show those scumbags who’s the boss!" You really want him to let them have it, and when he does it’s not pretty.

But what’s even more sad about Jesus’ words is that as much as I can’t stand the Pharisees, when you really look at things, it’s so easy for any one of us to behave just like them. We might be faithful in giving our money to God but not in our time, or vice versa. Or we might be great Christians at church but then we’re reluctant to share our faith with unbelievers. Wow, that one really hit close to home.

Jesus ain’t not joke! I just pray that I continue to grow in my relationship with him; and that I learn how to choose my words like him and not be another whitewashed tomb–beautiful on the outside but far from him on the inside.




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