Why’s Everybody Hatin’ On Oprah?

18 06 2006

Ok, so Oprah is really catchin’ heat lately for not having rappers on
her show?? Come on, now…don’t be talkin’ about Oprah! Oprah knows her
audience very well, not to mention that she will have on her show
whoever the heck she wants to when they have something that her
audience would be interested in. Diddy was on there when he ran the
marathon for children, Ludacris was on there when he was in Crash, Ice
Cube was on there to talk about his TV show–so she has had rappers on
there. Oprah probably has issues with some rappers because why would
she have someone on her show who refers to women as b**ches and hoes
when the majority of her audience is mid-upper class white women?? Now,
if you’re gonna have an issue with Oprah, let that be your
issue…that’s why I used to hate on Oprah big time. But Oprah is a
smart business woman and her audience is what it is. Back in the day I
used to feel like she wasn’t "black" enough but she lets her blackness
be known in her own way, plus she is probably a bigger giver than
ANYBODY famous or not. Oprah is the woman so lay off or else I’ll have
to cut ya! 🙂




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