The Boyfriend On My List

19 06 2006

Ok, so for a long time everybody’s been talking about "the list." You
know, that list that women are taught to make with all the things they
want in a mate. Christians call it being specific and telling God what
you want. Star Jones calls it the premise of her new book. Who in their
right mind doesn’t want love? And if making a list is all it takes to
get it, why not? That sounds pretty reasonable. I made my list a long
time ago, and it was pretty lengthy, I must say. I buried the list and
then two years later I made another list that was a little shorter.
Then about a year later I found the first list and compared the
two…pretty impressive–they were pretty similar only now the shorter
list seemed to sum up the important stuff instead of focusing on the

But soon I started to realize that I was starting
to measure every guy I took interest in, and every guy I met according
to my list–(Well, he’s six feet tall so he MUST be the one!)…and
it’s not just me…I’ve seen countless numbers of my friends fall into
this trap…isn’t it so typical of us to want to find some secret
formula to finding happiness? For people like Star Jones, "the list"
proved to be so successful that she found her soul mate, got married
and then wrote a book about it. But she never would have known that
"the list" would be the key to finding the love she wanted until she
actually did it and it worked out. On the same token, there are TONS of
people who have never made a list but were just open to the fact that
love could come in ways that you least expect it. Perhaps their mate
didn’t look the way they thought they would, but their compatibility is
second to none.

To date, I have about 3 separate lists that
I’ve made over the course of the past 3 years or so…for the most part
they’re pretty consistent so that’s encouraging. But one day I had this
thought–what if I were to just let go of my expectations and be open
to love the way that God would have it for me? He knows the inner
workings of who I am even better than I do, so why not let him make my
list and let me just be ME? I think I’m going to burn my lists and just
LIVE life and in the meantime let love find me there. Anybody up for
joining me in that challenge?




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