They Just Don’t Make Music Like They Used To…

27 06 2006

Ok, so I just finished watching the BET Awards–what a mish mash
representation of what music has become today. First of all what was
that MESS w/ Jamie Foxx & Fantasia???? It’s already bad enough
listening to her holler for 5 minutes straight, but watching them
tongue each other down was a bit much…I still have yet to figure out
what T.I. is saying in "What You Know"…Chris Brown–one word,
HORRIBLE–he sounded horrible and I couldn’t get with the flying in the
basket deal…Mary J. and Mary Mary–luv ’em, but the hollerin’ has got
to stop…Damon Wayans, corny…

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit
harsh, but ah…the good ones…Beyonce held it down with the
opening…I think that was the best I’ve ever seen/heard her
perform…she sounded great, a little bit much on the giratin’ but
gotta love the energy…Even Young Joc held his own w/ Diddy even tho
I"m not really a southern rap fan…BUSTA RHYMES!!! ‘Nuf said–and it
was even great to see Slim Shady onstage too…Ok, but the highlight of
the night for me of course was the Queen herself–Ms. Chaka Khan–she
rocked it! And to see her AND Prince AND Stevie Wonder all onstage at
the same time–that was a real treat…Now THAT was a true performance.
I was so glad that they let her sing my two of my favorites–Through
the Fire and I Feel For You herself and not have someone else sing it.
It would have set it off if she had sung Ain’t Nobody, but hey, I guess
you can’t have everything…And like Steve Harvey said (with his crazy
self)…she’s someone who’s been around for a long time that can sing
and has sung ALL different types of music–a true artist who’s
influence and gift spans over decades…you’ve got to respect her for
that…luv me some Chaka Khan…you just don’t hear music like that

Still trying to figure out what to say about that
Keyshia Cole performance…she’s a doll but something seemed a little
off with the vocals…But didn’t Harry Belafonte look great? And so did
Boris Kodjoe and Larenz Tate (too fine!!)…aw well, that’s just my
take on it all…I tell ya, music is great, but there’s just nothing
like the old ‘skool vibe!!




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