Superman, O Superman…Wherefore Art Thou, Superman

1 07 2006

Ok, so I’m coming to grips with reality. The inevitable, the
unthinkable has happened. I never thought it would happen to me, but…

I have become a sucka fa’ love…

do I know this? I just watched the new Superman movie today and an iota
of the sappy, hopeless romantic female inside of me couldn’t help but
breathe several sighs of "Oh, I wish that were me…" I mean come on,
the scene where the Man of Steel takes Lois Lane up to the roof and
wisks her away to top of the world to show her why the world needs
Superman…Something about the way they looked into each other’s
eyes…And you gotta love the adorable Clark Kent, glasses and
all…Something about his dorky yet silent admiration…What a total
embodiment of the ideal man…the Pursuer, the Rescuer, strong and
masculine on the outside…a total geek at the core…You just don’t
see that anymore

…Ok gag me with all that crap…. I’m not
tryna punk out on my independent woman views, but fa real though, I do
find myself getting quite choked up in love stories as of late. And I
do love the dichotomy of Superman/Clark Kent’s persona. I don’t know if
it’s because I’m getting older or what but it’s sickening to my own
self whenever I become aware of it.

And there were all kinds
of great spiritual allegories in the movie, which I loved. But ask me
what I remember the most–it’s the pursuit of Lois Lane…it’s the guy
caring for the woman so much that he’ll do anything to save her from
destruction…it’s the perfect little spiral curl in the front of
Superman’s head…but I digress…

Superman Returns was a great
movie…I highly recommend it…and anyone who knows me knows that I
don’t say that about a lot of movies…but it looked great, the writing
was great, and of course Superman was great…What ever happened to the
guys like Superman? Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s a superhero…Well what
about Clark Kent? Hey, a girl can dream…




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