A Life of Somedays

3 07 2006

You know, life is funny. It seems that no matter where we are in life
there just always seems to be a constant wanting of more. What is that
about? Do we ever get to the point of total satisfaction? As I laid
across my bed reading Visioneering today I thought about all the dreams
and plans I have for my life in the future. The book said to "clarify
what you believe your future should hold" in the following areas:
career, finances, spouse, children and ministry. As I began to think
about the life that I desire in the next 5-10 years, I thought about
how many times I had made these lists before. And then I thought, "How
long must I wait, God? How much longer will I have to wait before I
actually start to see some of these things even start to come to

But then on the flip side of that I began to
wonder–if that’s my desire for the next 5-10 years, what’s going to
happen after that? In other words, as I’m sitting here in my living
room I’m saying to myself–someday I’ll have that relationship I’ve
been dreaming about, someday I’ll be free from credit card debt and
I’ll be heading out west to the seminary I want to go to, and someday
I’ll actually start moving toward the career/ministry that I believe
God has for me–heck, someday I’ll even know what that career/ministry
is…but when I accomplish all of that, will I then have a whole
different list for the next 5-10 years after that? And what would be on
that list?

The awesome thing about God is that we just don’t
know how His plan will unfold in our lives. It’s so easy to get
disgruntled because we feel that the manifestation is taking too long.
And it’s so easy to be anxious to find out the "what’s next" in our
lives. So anxious, sometimes that we fail to realize that we just might
be living the "what’s next" from lists made years ago.

life is tough. I wish I could say that it’s easier with God on your
side. I wish I could say it’s more fun with God. But I can’t
necessarily say that. As I continue to walk this walk, the most I can
say is that there is a joy in knowing that God’s got my back, that He’s
got a plan for me, and that this life, although it may be tough
sometimes, certainly is an adventure. And God will continue to allow me
to dream. He will continue to let me live a life of somedays so that
eventually He can lead me to that place of fulfilling my purpose here
on this earth. So I continue to dream…

Someday I’ll be debt free…
Someday I’ll find that perfect guy–the one that’s perfect not because he’s perfect but because he’s the perfect guy for me…
Someday I’ll raise kids to know God for themselves
Someday I’ll go back to school…
Someday I’ll use my pen and my camera to be a voice in this world…
Someday people will actually read my blogs…

and the life of somedays will continue…




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