Christians Suck.

20 09 2006

I had a shocking revelation the other night as I drove home the other
night from 7:22, a single’s Bible study service. I had a long talk with
God and I told Him "You know what? I really suck at being a Christian."
And I know that might sound really harsh, but I really do. And the
truth of the matter is that I think we all suck as Christians.
Otherwise, if we didn’t suck, the world probably wouldn’t be in the
shape it’s in now.

God was very clear in His Word about what
we should be doing while here on earth. His commands say things like
love the people that hate you. Give to the poor. Take care of widows
and orphans. Preach the gospel and be a witness for Him whether you
feel like it or not. I realized that I haven’t really been doing my
part in much of any of these areas. When there’s been someone else in
need, when have I rushed in to help any way I could, even if it meant
going out of my way or inconveniencing my plans. When was the last time
I fed someone who was hungry? When was the last time I forgave someone
who did me wrong? When was the last time I stood up for justice?

truth is, for a long time I’ve patted myself on the back for being the
"Good Christian." I thought I was deserving of a blessing or
recognition because I showed up at church every Sunday without missing
a beat AND went to Bible Study during the week. I thought I’d arrived
because I had a deep revelation and other people couldn’t get on my
"level." (Where did we get this idea that one person should be esteemed
more highly than another because they theoretically can recite more
scriptures??) But God is not impressed by those things. The gospel is
so much bigger than that. It involves giving of yourself for others.
Isn’t that ultimately what Jesus did?

Somewhere there’s a
disconnect, Look in any major city and you’ll find tons of churches
filled with those of us who claim to be Christians. But yet there’s
still devestation right around the corner. Faith without works is dead.
So I guess we all suck. Ah, but there’s hope for us all. God has given
us a great deal of grace regardless of our shortcomings. But now we
must step up to the plate in whatever area God lays on our hearts. As
for me, one of the things I’m seriously considering is going on a
missions trip in the near future. But even on a daily basis in the
interim, I can show true, genuine love. And that can manifest itself in
a number of ways–whether it’s taking the time to provide a listening
ear for a friend, smiling at a stranger, or feeding a homeless person
before I enjoy my chicken dinner at Gladys and Ron’s.

God’s call goes way beyond Sunday rituals. It’s a selfless life of obedience and sacrifice.




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