Choosing to Be Chosen

3 10 2006

I got into an interesting discussion with a friend of mine the other
day about this whole deal about "choosing" a mate. He was saying that
Christians have the ability and authority to choose who they will
marry. That wasn’t a foreign concept, I had heard of that before. So
tell me, do you think we REALLY have a choice when it comes to choosing
a mate? I mean ultimately, we have a choice between Bob or Harry. But
that’s assuming that there is a Bob or Harry who has approached you to
begin with.

I mean, think about it. If I go into a grocery
store and go to the fruit section I can stand there and try to make a
choice between putting apples or oranges into my basket. If I choose
apples, I can take the apple, put it in my basket, go to the register,
pay for it and be on my way with my apples. But when it comes to
relationships, I can’t arbitrarily make that kind of choice because if
the other person does not want to be chosen by you (i.e. if they’re
just not that into you), your "choice" will be null and void. We can
choose all we want to but if the other person doesn’t reciprocate, then
where’s our choice?

I think we’re always trying to come up
with some kind of formula on how things should be done–especially in
the area of relationships. But I think the reality is that God works in
so any different ways among different people. That’s why I tore up my
lists. (See blog "The Boyfriend on My List" 6/19/06). Because sometimes
the person that we "choose" really isn’t the best. And I know of plenty
of people who "chose" to marry someone that they wouldn’t normally
"choose" to date and they’re very happy.

Ok, that’s all I can
muster up to say about that for the time being. I’m very tired, I’m
going to sleep. I’ll have to revisit this later. But in the meantime
tell me what you think about it…




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