Ahh…The Single Life (Pt. 1)

28 10 2006

Ok so I’ve been a little bummed lately about the whole singleness
thing. I just keep wondering what kind of guy will actually get my
weirdness? 🙂 A co-worker was telling me about an article that said
there are 30 million single people in the U.S. On the one hand that’s
depressing. On the other hand, it provides a ray of hope that there’s
got to be somebody out there somewhere for me.

But in the
meantime I figured I’d count my blessings and give my reasons why I can
be thankful for singleness during this season of my life. So here it

Top 11 Great Things About Being Single…

1)  On a beautiful day like today (Saturday) I can do whatever I want, even if it means doing absolutly nothing.

My money is my money. I can do whatever I want with it–even if it’s
pamper myself with a day at the spa–without having to think about how
it’s going to affect someone else.

3)  I could move to California tomorrow if I wanted to, without having to "discuss" it with anyone.

4)  I can channel surf without having to be considerate of what someone else might want to watch.

5)  In my house, I’m the boss and what I say goes–’nuff said.

6)  When I make dinner  I can usually eat off the leftovers for an entire  week.

7)  There’s more Mayfield Birthday Cake ice cream for me!!

8)  My free time is for me. I don’t have to share myself with anyone else.

9)  I don’t have to deal with with someone else’s drama unless I choose to (‘cuz you know we all got drama).

10) I get to enjoy moments of solitude more often.

11) I’m free to live out loud and follow my dreams without any hindrances!

here’s a toast to all you single people out there. Celebrate the life
and freedom we’ve been given because this season will pass before you
know it! 🙂




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