A Sigh of Relief…Hip Hop Ain’t Really Dead

24 04 2007

other day I was flipping channels and I came across a new show on MTV,
I believe it was called "Hollyhood" or something like that. I watched
in dismay as two men stood in a hotel room and proceeded to pat
themselves on the back for a rhyme the had just written, all of which
consisted of the hook "What you starin’ at? I’m not a mirror." As
watched I couldn’t help but shake my head and lament the fact that I
had been in denial all along. What was once an art form had officially
crossed over and become nothing more than commercial ear candy. Hip hop
was dead.

But my hope was restored tonight when I went to see
the pre-screening for the upcoming film "The Hip Hop Project." What an
awesome movie about a rapper named Kazi who "inspires a group of NYC
teens to transform their life stories into powerful works of art, using
hip hop as a force for hope, healing and the realization of dreams." As
I watched the film and listened to these teenagers spit lyrical fire,
it brought me back to the golden days of hip hop. It reminded me of why
I love hip hop. It reminded me of the art and the message and made me
feel proud to be a supporter of this art form. It also inspired me to
continue being an artist and to let my voice be heard as a filmmaker
whose got something to say.

Do you remember the days when hip
hop was poetry? When hip hop was an expression of reality, not a
regurgitation of somebody else’s fantasy? Do yourself a favor. Go and
see this movie when it comes out in theaters on May 11. You can also
show your support by going to iTunes and buying the album "The Hip Hop
Project." You’ll be so glad you did. For more information, go to




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