The Man Manifesto

13 08 2007

I think I’m finally getting to a point in my life where the idea of
marriage and family is starting to become less and less of a priority
for me. There. I said it. It’s not that I don’t think those are good
things, I just don’t think my life will be all that miserable without
them. Just the other weekend I had the revelation that singleness
really is a gift, just like marriage and child-rearing is a gift. I
mean, the fact that God would trust a human being (or beings) to be
responsible for giving birth to and then raising another human being is
absolutely amazing to me. That’s a weighty task, if you ask me. And at
the same time it’s such a blessing. But the fact that a woman or man
has the ability to discover and be who they were created to be as a
whole person on their own I think is just as amazing.

years I’ve been obsessed over one guy and I only recently really
discovered who I am as a woman, the things that I’m passionate about,
my needs and wants, which has led me to finally realize what I would be
looking for in a mate. I know I said I was getting away from lists, but
I don’t call this a list. It’s more like a manifesto. These are not
things I desire but things I demand because I don’t think they’re too
much to ask for. It’s only four things, but these are four things that
are very important to me. These are four things I won’t settle on. So
if that means I never find them, I guess I’ll just be single for the
rest of my life and that might not be such a bad thing. At least I’ll
know that I only have my own issues to deal with. Not mine and somebody
else’s… So here goes:

1) Hunger for God. At this stage in my
walk with God I think I question more than I ever have but one thing
remains constant–my love and hunger for Him and His righteousness. I
may not understand everything and I don’t pretend to. But I ain’t
turning back now. And notice I didn’t say hunger for "church,"
religion, or the vain traditions of men. Not a perfect person. Just a
follower of Jesus.

2) Passion for life and art. I’ve always had
this dream that my mate would be into filmmaking like me. I still think
that would be pretty cool but even if that’s not the case, just someone
who shares a deep love for life and wants to live it to the fullest.
Someone who appreciates the ART in music, movies and in life itself.
But passion is the key word here. In other words, "an intense desire or
enthusiasm for something," as the dictionary puts it.

3) Love
for people. I think Jesus summed it up best with "Love your neighbor as
yourself." There’s a lot to be said for someone who tries not to do
things that will hurt others, but even if they do have to do something
that would be hurtful, they do it with the utmost integrity.

Desire for me. For once in my life I want to know what’s it’s like to
be pursued, rather than being the pursuer, for someone to actually want
to hang around me because they think I’m a cool person to hang around.

there you have it. Can’t afford to settle for anything less. Life is
too short and I’ve still got a lot of living to do, even if it has to
be on my own…




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