Independence and Transformation

3 09 2007

So I went to the Labor Day Retreat again this year…

I think I
realized how much people miss out on some of the great things in life
because they’re afraid to be independent and do things by themselves
from time to time. Three of my friends were going to go with me to the
retreat but then they backed out. But I really wanted to go so I
decided to drive down to Sandestin, FL all by myself and stay in a room
with four other random women that I didn’t know….and I must say I had
a marvelous time. I had the freedom to come and go as I pleased without
having to coordinate with someone else about when we were going to meet
up for dinner or for this session or for that session. I went to the
beach when I wanted to, I took a nap when I wanted to (which ended up
being most of the weekend :-), I ate what and when I wanted to…it was
the ultimate vacation, I saw and hung out with some old friends and
hung out with some new acquaintances as well. Now, don’t get me wrong,
I’m not saying that I never want my friends to join me on any weekend
getaways. All I’m saying is that going somewhere by yourself is not the
worst thing in the world.

All weekend when people would ask me
who I came down with and I would say I came by myself, it was funny to
see them say "Aww…" as though I just told them I had a disease. Too
funny. But I really had a great time giving a concert to the dashboard
in my rented PT Cruiser by singing along to my favorite CDs while
eating ghetto cheese popcorn the whole 6 hours there and back…

I’m one of those people that doesn’t mind going to the movies by
herself because no one will interrupt me and ask me questions about
what just happened because they weren’t paying attention. Yes, I’m an
independent woman.

But the greatest thing about this weekend
was realizing my spiritual transformation. My faith just doesn’t look
the same anymore and that’s something I’ve been struggling with for the
past year or so but I think I’m just now really finally accepting it.
It’s time to take God out of the box. It’s time to enjoy the life that
He has given us–get out of the "Christian" bubble and start enjoying
the vast world that He has created. It’s time to start living life like
it’s golden. It’s time to stop trying to find a formula for everything
concerning God and just believe in the mystery of God…it’s time to
stop being so selfish and start thinking how I can serve and help
others…and I’m finding that many of these things are not found in a
church building……………….




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