What’s Wrong With This Picture???

14 09 2007

…Maybe instead of saying there would be wars and rumors of wars, God
meant to say there would be divorce and rumors of divorce as a sign of
the end times…What is going on that all of these high profile
evangelist couples are getting divorces and publicly accusing one
another of lying, battery, adultery, or whatever?

But even aside
from all that, what have we become as a church when the love of Christ
is reduced to a cool-looking website that boasts of the benefits of
partnership? Or when you have people that serve in a church for years
and years and can’t even get support for a dying relative or get help
when they need it? Or when those same people face a crisis and can’t
contact anyone from the church because the mailbox is full?

did the church become the kind of business where we have to get
approval to feed the hungry? When did the church start kicking homeless
people out of its doors with no further assistance?

I know
there’s no such thing as a perfect church but I’m growing weary of the
corporation called the church. I just can’t help but wonder if this is
how the great CEO himself (Jesus) would run this operation.




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