We’ve Been Lied To

2 10 2007

Ok, so I was on Oprah’s website today looking at the highlights from
today’s show where Halle Berry was on there as pregnant as ever. Didn’t
she look beautiful? Yeah, we all know she’s got on makeup and she
probably has a fabulous trainer and all that but give the girl her
props. She’s 41 years old having her first child. That’s amazing! I
think somebody lied to us women when they started pumping fear into us
that we can’t have children after a certain age. And of course we can
always point to Sarah in the Bible. But also look at Annie Liebowitz.
She had her first child at 52! I think society puts these pressures on
us so that some of us will get so worried that we marry the wrong
people prematurely and end up jackin’ up the destiny God has prepared
for us…




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