The Adventures of Sadie N Bertha – Episode 1

26 10 2007


My friend Khalilah and I have these alter egos where we talk like old, Southern women. And we named ourselves Sadie (that’s me) and Bertha (that’s her). So our conversations as Sadie and Bertha usually go something like this:

Sadie: Bertha? Is that yooo?

Sadie? Did you take ya pills this mo’nin’?

Oh, lawd I almost forgot. Bless the lawd, oh my soul!

Sadie and Bertha have this thing where they’re always going around doing or looking for something fun to do but somehow they always end up in the same place. At somebody’s table (whether it’s at a restaurant or at somebody’s house) eating. So here we are at the Red Lobster on LaVista Rd. It’s been a long time since we’ve been  there. Sadie just had to have some cheese biscuits and crab legs. Sadie and Bertha LOVE to eat. It’s what we do best.




One response

12 11 2007

You two crack me up!! Luv the pics. You must teach me how to do that..

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