Group Life

9 11 2007

Tonight we had Re:Group at Buckhead Church. It was a chance for group leaders to get together and worship together. It was AMAZING! Somebody from the Groups department contacted all the group members and had them write nice things about us and then they photocopied their letters and gave it to us individually in envelopes. That made me cry. I always feel like I suck as a group leader. And I probably still do but it’s nice to know that some people still think I’m pretty cool even though I suck.

I love my small group. I’m so thankful for them. And I love Group Life. I don’t think I could ever be part of a church that doesn’t have small groups ever again.




One response

12 11 2007
Steve Giddens

Avril, You ROCK!!! Someone directed me to your blog today and I’m glad they did. It is now on my list of blogs I frequent. Thanks for being a vessel God can use and for letting him use you – in the good times and in the brokenness!!!! We are so glad to have your leadership at Buckhead Church!!!! -Steve Giddens

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