Karaoke Rage (The Adventures of Sadie N Bertha – Episode 3)

10 11 2007

Not too many people know this but I LOVE karaoke. I really do. And I’ve been trying to get some people to go with me for the longest time and it just never seems to happen. I think I’m finally coming to grips that other people don’t have as much of an affection for it as I do. So when Bertha emailed me and said she wanted to do karaoke Friday night, you know I was all over it! So I tried to see if any of my other friends would be interested in hanging out as well. Some of them seemed interested but then when it came down to it–Nothing. So fine. Me and Bertha figured we’d go by ourselves, which  is fine by me. Karaoke for two is better than no karaoke at all. So we went down to Happy Karaoke on Buford Highway and it was booked solid so we left and said we’d come back tomorrow…

Well today is tomorrow. We got up early this morning and it started out to be a great day.


We walked down to American Roadhouse on N. Highland and had a FANTASTIC breakfast! I had always wanted to try that place and it was well worth it. I had the Crab Benedict. Bertha had the Crunchy French Toast. Everything was so good! I highly recommend that place.


Then we walked home, ready to start our wonderful day.

We got back home, got in the car and went yard sale hopping.


I bought these pretty purple plates and green coffee mugs.

So then we thought to ourselves, "Who says we can only do karaoke at night? Let’s go now! After all, we could go to Karaoke Melody, which is also on Buford Highway. They’re open, it’ll be less crowds, it’ll be cheaper since there’s only two of us, plus Karaoke Melody has better songs than Happy Karaoke." (I should also note that not too long ago on another occasion where I tried to get a bunch of people to go karaoke with me and they all ditched me and it ended up being only me and Bertha, I called Karaoke Melody to see if they would let us have a room with only two people and they said yes). So we head on out to Buford Highway and when we get there, this is what happens:

Me: We’d like a room please.
Mean Guy at Karaoke Place: There is a 3 person minimum.
Me: There is?
Mean Guy at Karaoke Place: Yes.
Me: Since when? That’s not advertised on your website. Plus I called here a couple weeks ago and whoever I spoke with never said anything about a minimum. You should really change your website to note that there is a minimum.
Mean Guy at Karaoke Place: No, we can’t change the price. It’s 3 person minimum.
Me: No, I’m not suggesting that you change your price or your minimum. I’m just saying you should put that on your website so that your customers will know the policy. And you may want to make sure that your employees know that there’s a minimum.
Mean Guy at Karaoke Place: No, we can’t change the price. It’s a 3 person minimum.
Me: I understand. All I’m saying is that when I spoke to the guy on the phone and I told him it was only two of us, he said ok. So you just might wanna make sure everyone is giving the same informa….
Mean Guy at Karaoke Place: No, we can’t change the price. It’s a 3 person minimum.
Me: Never mind. I guess we’ll just take our money over to Happy Karaoke down the street.

And the thing about it was it was 3:00! Nobody was in the joint! Not one! So he just missed an opportunity to make a little cash before the Saturday night rush…But anywho Mr. Mean Guy at Karaoke Place…


So we left. Grrrr…I was so disappointed but we did go back to Happy Karaoke but they were closed. They didn’t open until 5 pm. How lame. As you can see I was very upset. So once again, we still were not able to do any karaoke this weekend. 😦


So what did Sadie and Bertha do next? You guessed it. We went and got something to eat. Here we are at Buffalo House in Norcross. They got that goooodd ghetto fried fish…you know that kind that just comes in a basket with some fries, two slices of white loaf bread, some tarter sauce and some hot sauce…Ummm ummm…

Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to find some people that like karaoke as much as me and will want to help me meet the 3 person minimum. One day…




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