Random Thoughts on a Thursday Night

15 11 2007

I just came back from Dante’s Down the Hatch. It was very good. I’m fascinated by fondue. I had planned on going to see some improv afterwards but for some reason now all of a sudden I am dreadfully tired…I’m working on my afro for Saturday…it needs another good day or so for the naps to really come back after having my hair in flat twists all week…So my students didn’t share my love for The Bicycle Thief last night. When I turned the movie off they just stared at me as if I had just put them through the torture chamber. They couldn’t get with Fellini or Blow Up either. All well, so much for trying to expose today’s youth to great art…

100_0131Speaking of great art, I think I’ve figured out why I have such a fascination with bad reality TV. I think it’s the filmmaker in me, I love to see how ridiculous they can get with trying to make it seem like it’s all unscripted. It’s the editor in me, love the sound effects and the way they cut otherwise meaningless scenes together to make up drama and turmoil…and maybe I’m just addicted to cold hard TV trash.

Please pray for me…




2 responses

22 11 2007

I feel ya!! I see you are using that new camera of yours again… to take pictures of your television screen. Hey, by the way Run’s house is much better than I Love New York!!
Fo Sure!!

22 11 2007

Fo sure!!

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