What Would We Do Without the Creatives???

18 11 2007

Today was another amazing service at Buckhead Church. Jeff finished Part 2 of Illusions and it was really good. I was training on switcher today so I need to go back and listen to the sermon again to make sure I got everything.

There were two baptisms today which were great. It’s always so great to hear people’s stories about how God has touched their lives. One of the people that got baptized today was crying a lot and I got a little misty myself, because I remembered the moment when I was baptized and thought about what an awesome time that was. And as I looked around the control room I had to thank God for the opportunity to work with all the amazing staff and volunteers on the Production team at Buckhead Church. It’s partially because of their hard work and dedication that people like that girl are able to come in Sunday after Sunday and experience God in new ways.

They did this cool thing today where they had Jeff on stage, talking to himself on-screen at the same time to illustrate how we try to create illusions by presenting people with a fake version of ourselves. So they set it up where there was the Fake Jeff (on-screen) and the Real Jeff (in person on stage) and they had a little banter with themselves. It was really cool and I couldn’t help but wonder who comes up with this stuff? I mean, to me that is just so creative. And you just don’t see stuff like that in most churches. Well, at least not the churches I’ve been to. Sitting in the control room is quite an experience because you get to see it all come together behind the scenes, and just watching the amount of thought and creativity that the staff put into pulling off that effect was pretty amazing.

I recently read somebody’s blog that talked about how much God honors creative people, when oftentimes, in society as well as in the church, creatives are often pushed aside as being unimportant because they’re not the ones in the forefront. And then on the flip side I know of some people who would criticize a church like BC for the way we do things (i.e. why do the screens have to be so big? why are they trying to trick people by doing cool video tricks? why do they need all those people on staff? blah blah blah). But God gave those folks at BC such a huge gift at being creative. What’s so wrong with allowing them an opportunity to let their gifts shine and in the process draw people closer to the truth of God’s love? And the fact that they’re so willing to share their knowledge and gifts with any volunteer is such a blessing.   

I know for me, as a creative person myself, it is truly inspiring to be around people that have so much to give and share and it makes it a joy just to be one small part of it all.

By the way, you should really check out the series, Illusions. It will bless your socks off…Check it out at http://buckheadchurch.org/messages.




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19 11 2007

I couldn’t agree more! The “Fake Jeff / Real Jeff” thing was hilarious and I wish I could have been in the control room to watch them switching the feeds–the timing on every aspect of it was amazing! Truly innovative idea. I’m glad I’m not the only one who appreciates and thrives on creative excellence–rock on!

20 11 2007
jeff Henderson

Hey Avril. As I told you on Sunday, I love reading your blog. You’re a great writer. Thanks for all you do for Buckhead Church! You are a vital part of what God is doing here. Have a great Thanksgiving!! Jeff

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