Nothing Like a Little Electrical Work to See What You’re Made Of

26 11 2007

So I was awakened at 8:30 this morning by my landlord who said he needed to get inside my apartment because the electricians were here to replace all of our circuit breakers. I had no idea they were coming today, I mean I knew they were coming but not today. He said I had to unplug my computer so that none of my data would be lost when they disconnected the power. So you know that set me off right there because I am so addicted to my computer that I never turn it off, let alone unplug it. So I kinda huffed and told him I needed a few moments to get myself together.

After wiping the sleep out of my eyes and taking a shower, I figured I could still get some work done as long as I stayed out of their hair. But of course them being electricians and all, about 30 minutes later, all my lights went out. So I figured there was nothing I could do in my dark apartment with no computer so I just left and went to work early. I got to work and that was cool.

I came home and found that the workers were still working in my apartment and my place was a mess. My landlord came up and told me that they had some "problems" while trying to connect the wiring and that something also happened to the water valve so I now had no hot water in the bathroom. And my small group would be arriving at my house in a little less than 2 hours. Great. I began asking him numerous questions and with each one I could feel my "inner Shaquita" attitude keep rising and rising. He just kept smiling and saying "You know Murphy’s Law!" And everytime he said it, it just made me angrier and angrier.

But then my neighbor downstairs came home. Basically the same thing that happened in my apartment had also happened in his. And you know what his response was? "Ok! No problem. Just let me know what you need." I felt so bad and convicted that this guy had such a positive reaction and was willing to cooperate and here I was getting all bent out of shape because there was some dust on my bar of soap in the bathroom and I had to thoroughly clean sawdust off the counter. I felt inconvenienced because my small group might have to wash their hands in the kitchen sink if they went to the bathroom instead of the bathroom sink. Big whoop. Way to go Miss Bible Study Leader.

So I had to have a little talk with myself and realize that it really wasn’t that serious. Clean the stuff up and move on. Tell the group about what happened and they’d have to understand. Those workers had been here all day long doing physical labor since 8 am and they were probably tired and they didn’t expect the water valve to break. That wasn’t their fault, so why take it out on them or my landlord for that matter? But in just a matter of moments I had overreacted over some electricity and sawdust and I had to ask God for forgiveness for being so irrational.

Now you see what I meant by yesterday’s post. I’m so lost without Him.

Now breathe, Shaquita. Just breathe…




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27 11 2007

Inner Shaquita? LOL!!

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