Has Anyone Ever Heard of Jelly?

28 11 2007

Ok so I was in the middle of typing a blog about something else when I got distracted by an email from Daily Candy.  If you don’t know about Daily Candy it’s a free daily e-zine of sorts that gives you latest on local happenings in work, fashion, food, and the like. Well anyways, they just sent out an email about this new thing called Jelly, which is an environment for casual co-working (hehe, I said environment. You can tell I got to Buckhead Church). But basically it’s designed for people who freelance and often work from home and gives them an opportunity to work from someplace other than home. You bring your laptop or whatever work you have and do your work around other creatives and exchange ideas and do some networking in the process.

It sounds cool for someone like me who often finds herself feeling lonely on those days when I do work from home. The next one is on December 7 at Urban Grind on Marietta St. I’m pretty sure I’ll be there. Care to join me?  Check it out for yourself!




One response

28 11 2007

Now that is a BRILLIANT idea!! Finally a community work environment (yeah I said it too…haha) for freelancers. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sat in my editing room with Final Cut in front of me, eating cheez-its in my pj’s, longing to interface professionally with a fellow human being or two. It’s too bad I work on a tower instead of a desktop, otherwise I’d be there in an instant. This is a great concept and I might just check it out one of these days. Thanks for getting the word out!

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