Just For the Record…My Phone Pet Peeves

4 12 2007

So Ragamuffin Soul had this humorous posting yesterday about people who walk around with Blue Tooths hanging out of the ear even when they’re not talking. I don’t know about you but I think that is so annoying. Oh wait, I do that sometimes. But that’s because sometimes I get out of the car and forget that I have it on…

But what really does annoy me is when people walk into a restaurant, sit down and start having a conversation with someone and the whole time that dang blue light is blinking in their ear because they refuse to take their bluetooth off. It’s almost as if they’re just waiting for that important phone call from P. Diddy himself to come in, and they just can’t risk missing the call because they’re having dinner and conversation with a peon like you…

I also think it’s rude when someone answers their phone during the middle of a conversation with another person. Just for the record, a good way to make a person feel unappreciated is to have their deepest thoughts interrupted by a cell phone call. Come on, people, that’s why the genius cell phone inventor folks invented the option to put the phone on vibrate or silence. Are you so important that you have to answer every single call? And furthermore, it’s also annoying when people answer the phone only to tell the person "I’ll call you back." Why was there a need to interrupt the conversation just to pick up the phone and say that?  Was that really necessary? I mean why were those 4 words so important that you couldn’t just let the person leave a message and then you call them back after you finish dinner?

And while I’m on my phone rant, what’s the deal with call waiting? I also think it’s rude when people actually click over on call waiting. I mean, unless it’s an emergency of course. But I can’t understand why if you’re already on the phone with someone, why you can’t just let the person on the other line go to voicemail? Just for the record, a good way to make a person feel unappreciated is
to have their deepest thoughts interrupted by you deciding you need to click over and talk to someone who’s more important.

Now grant it, when my moms calls, I might pick up because I want to be sure that my folks are ok. But my mom really doesn’t call me that much. And for most people, it’s not their mother calling, It’s a random person with a random question or random conversation.

And I won’t even get on my soapbox about how for some reason many of my students seem think it’s acceptable to talk on the phone during class. Or worse yet, I’m in the middle of lecturing, their cell phones go off. They answer it and say "Hello? Yo, I’m in class," and then proceed to have a conversation with the person on the phone as they are walking out into the hallway "so as not to disturb the class." Just for the record, you really could have just waited until you got into the hallway before you started talking. Believe it or not, phones usually ring about 5 or 6 times before they actually go to voicemail so there’s plenty of time for you to get there.

I’m talking etiquette people, etiquette. There are other people involved. This is Just For the Record…   




4 responses

4 12 2007

For the record, I agree with you on ALL of these points of etiquette. Cannot stand the Blue Tools!

4 12 2007

Awesome!! Totally agreed on all of that! And while you’re on that rant I’ll just piggyback and add my two cents: my biggest pet peeve is when people leave me a voicemail in which they simply say, “Hey, it’s so-and-so, call me back.” Well, I KNOW it’s so-and-so, because I have caller ID on my cell phone–we all do–so why not provide a little bit of information as to the reason you’re calling? You could save yourself the time and NOT leave a voicemail, and I would already know that you called and that I needed to call you back. Ugh, it just drives me INSANE when I check my voicemail and end up learning nothing–just for the record.
Thanks for bringing attention to the cellphone etiquette epidemic! 😉

4 12 2007

OOOOHHH!!!! That’s a good one!! I hate that too! Ahhh!!!

9 12 2007


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