Running Through the Meadow On a Warm, Spring Day

5 12 2007

7 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes to go and I will be done with this quarter. I’ll have two days to turn in my grades and then I will be on vacation for 3–count it 1, 2, 3, THREE whole weeks! Three whole weeks with no students coming into my office. Three whole weeks of no students not coming to class all quarter and then expecting me to give them extra credit to bring their grade up. Three whole weeks of no students constantly barging into my office saying "Ms. Speaks my tape won’t…" or "Ms. Speaks the camera messed…" or "Ms. Speaks I left my…" or, here’s a good one "Ms. Speaks, I wasn’t in class last week. Did I miss anything?" (I never really know how to answer that question. "Oh no, you didn’t miss anything. We just sat around and played tiddlywinks for 3 hours during class time.  Just go smoke a cigar and you’ll be all caught up. You’ll be right on track with the rest of the class).

I’m so looking forward to this break. So much so that right now I’m sitting at my desk imagining myself walking out of the office on next Friday afternoon and getting into my car and driving past all the suits and the construction workers at Tower Place and smiling because I will be leaving them all for 3 weeks (although I won’t be able to get too excited ‘cuz I’ll still have to come to that same area for church every week).

But then I imagine myself running, running. I’m not sure where I would do this said running. But in my fantasy I have transported myself out of cold Atlanta and I am running through a meadow on a warm, spring day. And then I stop in the middle of the field and twirl around several times and breathe in the fresh air and yell things like "I’m smart and I love life!" "Research papers have topics!" And then to take my mind off of the debacle of this quarter called research papers I’ll break out into my rendition of "Let’s Go Crazy" by Prince where "we’ll look for the purple banana ’til they put us in the truck…" And then after all that, I’ll go home and lay down on my lovely couch and watch mindless reality television for two days until my eyes start to cross…

Let’s go….




3 responses

5 12 2007

LOL. Tiddlywinks.

6 12 2007

I love the freedom & imagery in this post!! Reminds me of when I lived and worked in Manhattan–always longing to run away into an abandoned field somewhere where it was warm and sunny and I didn’t have any work to do or people to please. Thanks for your consistent and conversational writing tone–your posts never fail to deliver a good read.

7 12 2007

Thanks Joe! And thanks for reading!

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