Random Thoughts on a Thursday (Well, Technically a Friday Morning) Night

7 12 2007

Nickelback is a cool group. For some reason I’ve had the song "Rockstar" in my head consistently for the past 2 days. I finally went online today and downloaded it. I took a listen to the whole CD and it sounded pretty good so I bought it. I’m listening to some of it now and I think I can dig it, although I’m a little bummed that the song with Carlos Santana isn’t on there…

Monday made 12 years since I’ve been a Christian. That was absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. It hasn’t necessarily made my life easier, but definitely more joyful. And in those seasons of dryness and sadness, more hopeful. I was watching The View this morning as I do every morning before I go to work. As always they were having some kind of debate about religion, and I can’t even remember what they were arguing about. But for a moment it made me think about all the arguments I used to get into with people when I first became a Christian. I remember getting into an all out shouting match with a guy who lived on campus because he didn’t believe that Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale…

So many people have so much hostility toward Christianity. As I was in the shower this morning I started thinking how much I wish I could put all the people who have been hurt or offended by Christians shouting their beliefs at them into a room and tell them sorry on behalf of all of us. It’s not that we were trying to offend, it’s just that when you find out something that makes you really happy, when you discover something that’s really good for you, you just want to tell people about it. And that’s all we were trying to do was tell them about something that we found to be really good. And what we really meant to do was just talk about it but we ended up shouting it and instead we became a clanging cymbal. And I just thought, what would it be like to just say sorry to all those people for our approach…

There’s nothing like a man who smells good…gets me every time…(forgive me, yes, I know that was completely random in the middle of sharing deep thoughts about God and Christianity, but that’s why it’s called Random Thoughts on a Thursday :-)…….




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