Creative Indecision

8 12 2007

Well, I missed the Cans for a Cause event last night. I got lost trying to find the place and in the end I just said screw it and figured I’d go get something to eat. So me and Khalilah went to Aqua Bistro. We waited for our friend Terina but her car broke down so she couldn’t make it. I had some of Khalilah’s sushi and it was actually very good. I’m not really a sushi lover but she always seems to order the best sushi.

I just came back from the video shoot with James. It went well. I can’t wait to start editing it. I love directing music videos. I guess because I love music so much I really get into it. It’s also a chance for me to flex my skills in a short amount of time. I never really thought that directing musicians would be the same as directing actors. I guess I just always thought they could just get up there and sing or dance or do their thing and all would be well with the world. But they need direction too. So it’s kinda cool to learn with each shoot how I can be better at directing actors/musicians. Overall James did a great job and it was a fun shoot…

Speaking of shoots, I’m having a hard time figuring out what I want to shoot next. I’m itching to shoot another movie but I need a good script. I have Something Worth Waiting For but it’s gonna take me a minute to raise the money to do that one. I have a couple of ideas for shorts but they may be a little risque (although that’s never really stopped me before). I thought about doing Something Worth Waiting For as a play so it would be a good exercise in directing actors, but now I don’t know anymore. I love doing music videos so maybe I should do more of those. I think I’m in a season of creative indecision right now. Should I do SWWF as a play or a movie or neither? Should I do more music videos? Should I take Level 2 Improv or should I retake Level 1 or should I abandon improv altogether? Hopefully I’ll figure out which direction I should take before 2008…




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