Amazing Things

12 12 2007

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers yesterday. From the moment I posted the blog I could start to feel the pain in my stomach ease up. But the awesome news is that WE"RE OFF PROBATION!! Thank ya Jesus! Yes, when I got to work they had just sent out the email saying that the accreditation board removed our probationary status and our status has been renewed so that is great.

Prayer is an amazing thing. I saw that today. Another amazing thing I saw happen today was that while I was stressing over the SACS decision, God was setting up some other opportunities for me. I got a possible lead for another music video and I got a phone call today about an awesome part-time job opportunity for next year. I think my worrying was a temporary moment of insanity. Why did I even doubt? Why do we do that??? God’s always got our back.

Another amazing thing I experienced today was that sometimes in life there are feelings, emotions, and hurts from your past that you might be inclined to hide from people because of fear of judgement or rejection. Have you ever experienced something like that? But it’s an amazing thing when you share them anyway and the people don’t turn you away. Not only is that authenticity, but that’s real friendship. That’s community. That’s relationship…

I’m wrestling with the art of sharing pieces of myself. And God, it feels good…It’s definitely an amazing thing…




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12 12 2007


12 12 2007


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