My Two Bit Rant On Weight

12 12 2007

So I just finished giving my last exam for this quarter. YEY! So tomorrow it’s grading time and then it’s off on vacation I go!! What was great about tonight was that it only took my students an hour to take their final so I got to come home early tonight and watch the season finale of America’s Next Top Model. So Saleisha won and as they were flashing back her pictures throughout the years she was saying how she never thought she would win because growing up she had low self-esteem because of her body image.

It’s amazing to me how many slender women I talk to have self-esteem issues because of their body image. Yet society is always putting pressure on women to lose weight, to be thin. It seems like we as women just can’t win. Those that are slim wanna be bigger. Those that are big or even average wanna be slimmer. Where does it stop? When I was a kid I was always teased because I was skinny. I was called names and at times even all out rejected by guys because of my size. Which is why I could never understand why women would always  be so insistent on losing weight when to me they were already a perfect size.

Now that I’m older I’m totally comfortable with my weight but it really pisses me off that women still go through all this stress over size. And it’s interesting how you never see men being pressured as much about their weight. People need to just get over themselves and accept others for what they are–big or small! And that’s my two bit rant for tonight on weight. Thank you very much…




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