Text of the Day

13 12 2007

So just yesterday I was thinking "Gee it’s been awhile since Sadie and Bertha have been out to eat. As a matter of fact it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from Bertha period."

And then this morning I get this text (don’t forget to read it in the old, Southern woman voice):

Bertha (Khalilah): "Yelloooo?"

To which I replied:

Sadie (Avril): "Bertha? Is that yoo??"
Bertha: Yes lawd. How you?
Sadie: Oh fair ta middlin’. My psoriasis been acting up.
Bertha: Well by his stripes you are healed. Praise him. Um um um yes lawd. I know it was the blood fo meeeeee.
Sadie: Um um yes. Glory glory glory to his name. There to my heart was the blood applied. Glory to his name…

Gotta love Sadie and Bertha.




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