And So Begins…

15 12 2007

100_0284…another awesome weekend. This weekend makes three years that I have been living here in the ATL. And what a difference three years can make. I have learned so much about myself, rediscovered myself. I’ve let go of some things, let go of some people and gained some new things and some new people in my life and it’s been wonderful. So tonight I started my anniversary celebration with my Jersey-ite friends Khalilah and Terina. We finally caught up with each other at Cafe Intermezzo.

Now I’ll get to spend two days with Jon going on a Super Date and putting up Christmas lights. So more details on that tomorrow maybe…

I’m also looking forward to church on Sunday. It’ll be Part 3 of Andy’s "It’s Personal" series, which has been REALLY good. I’ll be volunteering on Production in the morning. I already know that the opener is going to be off the chain so make sure you come and try to get there early. I just heard that the closer is gonna be pretty awesome and I know the message is gonna be awesome so just be prepared for God to bless your socks off!




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