Did You Know?…

18 12 2007

…that in the city of Atlanta it costs just as much to get your hair washed and curled as it does to put brand new tires on a car?

I learned this hard lesson today when I went out this morning for the simple procedure of getting my hair pressed and curled. Well apparently nobody does press and curls around here anymore. It’s all about the "ceramic fusion" which is a fancy way of saying "sitting under a steamy hair dryer." My stylist was so convinced that this was going to be the best hair-do of my life. I’m not so sure I share her conviction. I mean, it’s ok, I just don’t see anything so special about it, do you? Especially not anything that should cost me two tires. It does have some nice bounce to it but at least whenever I used to get my hair pressed every strand was in place. I put the headband on after I got home because it was just all over the place. 

And the sad part about it is that this is what I’ve found to be true at every hair salon I’ve been to since I’ve moved down here. Salons are waaayyy overpriced and the end result is really not that impressive. And they swear that they’ve created some great masterpiece. And sitting in the stylist chair down here is almost as bad as sitting at the car shop. They run their fingers through your hair and then say "Ok, your ends are horrible, you need a trim and a gloss and a fluff and a spin shine and a…and a…and a…and all of that will be $15,945.25 — but it’s worth it if you really expect to have healthy hair…" So you feel like a schmuck because according to them your hair looks like Matilla the Hun when just yesterday your hair seemed to be looking just fine.

I like my natural hair. I like to wear it wild and curly. But every now and then I just need a good press so I can get my ends trimmed, not have to worry about wetting my hair, and also to have a different look every now and then. I just wanna keep it simple. I don’t know, call me cheap or call me old fashioned but is there anybody out there that still does a plain ‘ole press and curl for a reasonable price?




One response

18 12 2007

Tell me girl.
So where is a man supposed to go to hear some good music up in this town?

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