21 12 2007


So I was at my parents house today chillin’ with my nephew Chase. We were sitting on the couch watching Hannah Montana when he turns to me and says "Take a picture of me." He’s so adorable, so how can I resist? I pull out my camera and we take some pictures together. This is one that he took.


Go ahead admit it. He’s adorable.


That’s him tryna show off his muscles.

So we’re taking the pictures and then he says he wants to see the pictures. One thing you should know about my nephew is that he is very techno-savvy for a 6 year old. He has his own iPod and boy does he know how to use it. He also knows how to use a camera very well. And apparently he knows that digital cameras can show your pictures instantly and that you can fast forward and rewind through old and new pictures with the click of a button. I underestimated my nephew’s knowledge of this because after we reviewed the pictures that he and I took he said he wanted to see what other pictures I had stored in my camera. So I fast forwarded to the pictures at the very beginning, with plans of avoiding the pictures that I took just last night. Anyway as we scroll through, after a certain point I stop and he says "No, keep going so I can see our pictures again." I press rewind. He says "No, no, no go the other way." We wrestle with the camera for awhile until I know there’s no more hiding and I have to scroll past ALL of my previous pictures.


And that’s when my nephew finds the surprise…


He finds these. These are the pictures from last night of me kissing my boyfriend Jon.  So  then this is how the conversation with my nephew proceeds from there:

Him: WHAT?? Who is that?
Me: That’s Jon.
Him: Is that your boyfriend?
Me: Yes.
Him: DOH! What are you guys doing???
Me: We’re kissing.
Him: WHAT???

So then my sister enters the room.

Him: Mommy! Did you see this?
My Sister: What?
Him: Avril is kissing.
My Sister: Avril is kissing a boy?
Him: No, she’s kissing a man. What are we gonna do about this?
My Sister: Well, I don’t know what are we gonna do about this?
Him: I think she should be grounded.
My Sister: Ok, then Avril you’re grounded.


So this is my nephew laying down the law for me that I am grounded for kissing my boyfriend. This kid is too smart for his own good.




3 responses

23 12 2007

LOL!! LOL!! ROFL!! You are so busted . . .

23 12 2007

My favorite part: “No, she’s kissing a MAN! What are we going to do about this??”

25 12 2007

HA! Cold busted! Remember we used to say that?! Maybe not I forget you’re a northerner… but this is funny!!!

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