The Longest See Ya Later

22 12 2007

This morning Khalilah and I had brunch with our good friend Angela. She is getting ready to move to Canada because she got a scholarship to Vancouver Film School. I am so happy for her. But God knows I’m gonna miss her so much.

You see Angela and I have only known each other one year. That’s hard to believe because she and I seemed to click so quickly that I feel like I’ve known her for so much longer. She’s one person I’ve met who "gets it" — spiritually, creatively, artistically, intellectually, as a young, black, single, Christian woman just like me.

I met Angela last year when we both signed up to take part in The Woman’s Angle Film Project. That experience was quite an interesting one for me. I grew in so many ways as an artist, and much of that was due to her support, encouragement and her prayers. This is a woman I could call and whine to anytime and she would come back at me with a scripture or would stop what she’s doing and take a moment to pray right there on the spot. Angela is a true prayer warrior. Not only that but she is an AMAZING and talented filmmaker. Look out for her because the world needs what she has. See for yourself…

So now she’s leaving. I wish her all the best but I’ll admit the selfish part of me wants her to stay so that we can go see those independent movies together that most of my friends wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. It’s funny, she and I go through withdrawal when we don’t see each other for weeks, I don’t know what we’ll do without seeing each other for a year. But I will be planning a trip to Vancouver so I should get to see her at least once next year. We had such a hard time actually saying goodbye. For awhile we just stood there shuffling our feet…


Until we finally got ourselves together and managed to say see ya later instead of goodbye and part ways. We were both sad but we’re both expecting great things to come in 2008!





One response

23 12 2007

Aww! Thanks for sayin’ so many nice things about me. It means THE WORLD coming from you. I’m gonna miss you SOOOOO much. Thank God for blogs!! OK, I won’t start again . . . Lord knows I could go on and on.

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