I Am Legend

23 12 2007

So those of you that know me know that I don’t say this very often, but I saw a good movie today. I Am Legend was really good. Will Smith is really coming up in his acting skillz, although some of his moments of delusion were a little unbelievable. But overall, very good flick. I didn’t know until the credits rolled at the end that it was directed by Francis Lawrence. He’s one of my favorite music video directors so once I found out it was him, a lot of the lighting and the shots seemed to make sense. They seemed like his style. The movie reminded me a lot of 28 Days Later without the British accents. That and a little bit of Cast Away. My sister says she’s still "scurred" so if you don’t like scary movies you might not want to venture out on this one. But if you can stomach it, it’s worth it.

Earlier this week I went to see another film, Into the Wild. It was ok. It was based on the life of Christopher Mccandless, the kid who decided to forsake all his earthly possessions and go hiking into the wild frontier of Alaska. I won’t give away the movie but it might be an interesting read to google this guy and read about his story. It’s pretty "wild"–get it, get it?

Aight folks I’m out…




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