Thoughts About Christmas and the Hope of Good Gifts

25 12 2007

So today was an interesting and awesome Christmas at the same time. It started out pretty awesome because instead of going out to church this year, my family decided to have church together at home. It was pretty cool. We had praise and worship, my sister and her two kids read the scripture and then my brother-in-law Tony delivered a message. It was really touching because it was proof that if two or three are gathered in His name, that Jesus is truly there also. It was also cool to see that we could totally still worship our God without being within the confines of a building. And knowing that between all the people in my family we had the unction to pull it off was pretty awesome.

Tony’s message today was about gifts and he started off talking to the kids about their most favorite part of Christmas–getting presents. And he was saying how when kids get gifts on Christmas, all they want to do is play with and show off their gifts. It’s hard to get kids to part with their gifts when they’re new. He was saying that it should be like that with our faith. So many times we want to put our faith on a shelf or we want it to fit into our perfect little box. But we need to be consistent about always wanting to show and share our gift of salvation with others. We should always be like kids on Christmas where we want to use our gift, show off our gift and take care of that gift. That’s our job as Christians.

Well tonight I started thinking about the gifts that I received today in the physical as well as some of the gifts that I have received over the past year in terms of life and especially relationships. For me, sometimes it’s hard to accept those kinds of gifts in the first place because I’m afraid the gift may be too good to be true. This may sound a little vague, but how am I supposed to tell if a dream is real? Do I just keep pinching yourself? Or do I just give in, hoping that the bomb never falls? The parts of me afraid to trust, afraid to believe, make me afraid to yield. As all my friends around me agree, "I never thought it could happen to me." But it is happening. In real time. With a real person. And right now, it feels wonderful enough to embrace.   




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