Best Kept Secret

30 12 2007

Sadie and Bertha found a new spot for exquisite dining. Well, I take that back. Sadie and Bertha didn’t just find it. My friend Angela introduced me to it a couple weeks ago and Bertha had actually been there before as well. But it’s hidden and unassuming and it may just be up there with one of the best meals of your life. It’s the Cafe Bistro at Nordstroms. That’s right, hidden inside this posh department store you can experience some of the best food ever. And the service is so great you’d think you were at a 5-star restaurant.


Sadie had the chicken and angel hair pasta.


I had salmon with gazpacho salsa and a cup of crab bisque. Both were soooo so good. Cafe Bistro is definitely Nordstrom’s best kept secret.

Our day started off mad early today though because I helped Khalilah move her stuff into storage since she’ll be moving in with me. Her Uncle Naaman came over to help, as well as Jon. It was good that both of them were there. Me and Khalilah had to give Jon his props because he insisted that he come and help despite us telling him not to. We didn’t think there was really that much stuff. But by the time we took the bed down and got the couch and chest of drawers ready, it was a good amount of furniture that needed to be moved.

At any rate, there is more that I want to write about but I am so incredibly tired right now that I am falling asleep at the computer. I keep typing jibberish and then have to go back and delete it when I wake up.  I just came back from sseing the movie "The Perfect Holiday." I know, I know I wouldn’t normally even think about seeing a movie like that. But Jon and I actually set out to watch a crappy movie tonight because we wanted to have some fun laughing and making fun of it. Well, that movie exceeded the zone of crap. That movie was so horrible…don’t waste your time.




3 responses

31 12 2007

Let the record show I took you there first 🙂

1 01 2008

Ooh, girl you are so right. I’m gonna correct that right now… 🙂

8 01 2008

Are we able to resked for this upcoming Friday 1/11/08.

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