Vacation Time

2 01 2008

I am now officially in week 3 of my vacation. I have 4 more days to go. I think I have enjoyed this vacation a little bit too much because I have not really done a darn thing with my time. Well, I should say I haven’t really done a darn thing related to work. I did spent a lot of time vegging with my family and friends during the holidays. And I got to spend a lot of time with Jon. After all, isn’t that what life is supposed to be about? Work hard and play harder? Well, for these past two weeks and a half I’ve definitely been playing harder. It’s weird because I don’t even know what day it is anymore because for the past 2 1/2 weeks everyday feels like Saturday.

But now it’s almost time for me to go back to " the grind." I figured I should put that in quotes because there really is no "grind" about a job that only requires you to be there 3 days a week. This vacation has definitely spoiled me to the point where I forgot what it means to actually work. Today I was supposed to be working on my syllabi for next quarter but so far all I have done is watch about 6 hours worth of America’s Next Top Model reruns. One thing I did accomplish today though was I made all my doctor’s appointments so at least I’ll be healthy in 2008…

I’m going to attempt to get off my behind now and go grocery shopping. Then maybe when I come back I’ll actually be productive and do some school work. In the meantime, check out my pictures from the past couple weeks to see what I’ve been up to…




2 responses

2 01 2008

Ah man, I was hoping there’d be something in there about editing a certain video. No worries.

3 01 2008

I Know what ya mean!! I go back to work on Sunday!! BUMMER!!

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