A Grown Folks Good Time

5 01 2008

So tonight Sadie and Bertha had a night out on the town and we went to Cafe 290, a jazz club out in Sandy Springs. I had actually been there before with Jon and my sister and we had a good time so I decided to take Bertha there since she likes jazz too. Tonight a guy named Reggie Hines was playing saxophone and he was great. We had a good time and I felt very old. Why? Because he played a bunch of old songs by people like Earth, Wind and Fire, The Gap Band, Stevie Wonder, and DeBarge. And I found myself doing the old folks dance. You know the one where you throw one hand up, close your eyes, twist your mouth and groove from side to side and then follow that up with the words "Ooh! That’s ma soong!!" Yes, I did that several times tonight. Yes, I’m old.

But all in all Cafe 290 is a great place to go on a date or just to go and chill. It’s a nice, adult crowd so you don’t have to worry about any scallywags trying to push up on you. Sorry I don’t have any pictures to post of me and Bertha tonight but we were just too into the music I guess to think about pictures. But I have a good feeling that that’s gonna become my spot whenever I get in my grown folks mode. Now I just gotta find a place where I can hear some good rock and a place that has good cover bands. Anybody got any suggestions?




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