Highway Robbery!!

10 01 2008

Get this…a few years ago I bought a VHS that was one of Martin Scorcese’s first films, "ItalianAmerican" and "The Big Shave." I bought this tape with both films on it for like $5 or something like that. I always love showing it in my classes because it’s like a classic because they’re Scorcese’s first films and because NOBODY has ever seen them. I actually saw them on rare laserdisc while I was at UMCP.

At any rate, I brought this tape with me to class today and on the way in…I dropped it. So now the video is broken so I couldn’t play it in class tonight. I just went to Amazon.com to try and see if I could find a replacement. It is now $229. 71!!! This is highway robbery! I guess I really did have a collector’s item. I wish there was some way I could fix it. Not just because it’s a collector’s item but because they’re both really great films and they’re gems to show my students.

What a bummer.




One response

10 01 2008

I bet someone can fix the tape. I think it’s so cool that you shows your students Scorcese. You rock.

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