Missing Bertha

14 01 2008

Bertha has been fasting for the past 14 days. I never realized how much I appreciated Bertha until the past couple of days because she’s one of the few people in my life who enjoy food as much as I do AND we share similar eating habits. Like we both like to eat healthy but every now and then we savor a good chicken wing.

So for the past couple of days I keep craving certain foods and certain restaurants and I want to come home and get Bertha to come and eat with me but she can’t because she’s fasting. I’m glad that she’s doing her thing, but only 7 more days to go and then it’s on again. Our first stop? Gladys and Ron’s or Carroll St. Cafe. We’ll see how the mood hits us…




2 responses

15 01 2008

Awiight, Bertha I’m proud of you! When are you going to get that blog up and running??

15 01 2008

Its almost over chile. Just a few more days and it’s on a poppin!

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