Time Is Never Money

16 01 2008

Switchfoot has a song on their "Beautiful Letdown" CD called "Gone." There’s a line toward the end of that song that I love where they say "Life is more than money; time was never money, time was never cash…" I always chuckle at that part because I always think that they’re saying Life is more than funny, time is never money, and it just always seems like a clever line because we always use the expression that life is funny in those times when it’s really not funny. And time really isn’t money, it’s not cash. It’s not a commodity. However, we treat it as though we can get it back somehow.

I just came back from 7|22. I’m so excited that it’s back on every week. I think one of the things I love most about 7|22 is that the band sings a lot of worship songs. I love to praise God. And I like the fact that when I go to 7|22 it’s likely to see more hands in the air than I normally would on a Sunday. 

But anywho, tonight’s message was great because Jarrett talked about how we can leverage our time for God. It was really convicting and made me think about my life and how much I’m not leveraging my time these days. I’ve gotten myself into a bad rut where I waste a lot of time watching TV, surfing the net and vegging out instead of doing any work, much less spending any quality time with God.  Jarrett gave a bunch of statistics about how we spend countless hours of hour time doing so many mindless things. And if you add up those hours, they way outweigh the time we spend with God.

Having a quiet time is so easy in theory but so hard in practice. But why? Why is it so hard for me to motivate myself and read my Bible when I know it has so many benefits for my life? Part of the reason is that there are so many distractions that seem more entertaining than God. But I’ve got to find a better balance between work, play and God. I know from experience that if I just put Him first, all the other things in my life will fall into place.

So for the next week I’m cutting out some of my distractions and the first thing to go is the television. Two hours a day is all I get. And I’m limiting the times I check my email to 2-3 times a day instead of 2-3 times a minute. It’s time for me to get back to basics and set my priorities straight. Time isn’t money that can be spent and earned back so I’d better make sure that every minute counts for something…




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