In the Company of Geeks

18 01 2008

Tonight was a freakin’ awesome night. Freakin’ awesome. That’s the only way I can think to describe it.

The Plaza theater down the street from my house had a Grease Sing-a-long, so it was like karaoke but all the songs were from the movie Grease. Everyone there were Grease-heads so to speak. Meaning, they (including) myself knew every song, every line of dialogue. They even had a costume contest before the movie started. I knew I was in the right place when I saw a guy who came in a mechanics suit like the T-Birds and holding a can of Greased Lightning.


Shari came with me to join in the fun. She loves karaoke and she loves the movie Grease about as much as me so we had fun together. As soon as the movie started everyone cheered, and everytime a song came on they displayed the words at the bottom of the screen so that everyone could sing along so I felt right at home. There were even times when people got up and danced in the aisles. And everyone there knew about the dancing hot dog in the drive-in scene!


When we came into the theater they gave us goodie bags which contained: a fake cigarette, a comb, a bottle of bubbles, and a glow stick. Our instructions were to smoke our cigarette everytime a T-Bird smoked took a drag, to comb our hair everytime they did, to blow bubbles during the Beauty School Drop Out scene, and to wave our glow sticks at the end during the carnival scene. So this is all of us waving our glow sticks during the carnival scene.


I don’t know if you can see it too well but his is people dancing in the aisles during the end "We’ll Always Be Together" scene.


I tried to get a shot of the last scene when Sandy and Danny are flying away in the car.


These girls rock! They came dressed as Rizzo, Jen and Marty in the slumber party scene.


I’m just a cool Grease geek.


And so is my sis.

Good times for geeks who love Grease. If you’ve never seen this movie, go do yourself a favor and rent this American classic. You’ll be so glad you did.

"I got chills, they’re multiplyin’…."




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