No Cats for Me

20 01 2008

With all the frenzy of the snowstorm today, Sadie forgot to take her ginkgo biloba pills and couldn’t remember anything today. So when she and Bertha went to go see Cats at the Fox Theater, she forgot to bring her camera. So instead she had to take crappy pictures with her camera phone…


There’s a picture of the stage.


And there’s a picture of Bertha during intermission. If she looks like she just woke up, she probably did. She slept through a good portion of the show.

I must say that as much as I love musicals, that may have been the worst musical I have ever seen. I just didn’t know what in the world was going on. No one talked at all, it was just singing the whole time, and that made it difficult to understand who these cats were and what their story was. I thought maybe I was just slow. But twenty minutes into the show I leaned over to Bertha and asked her "Do you  have any idea what’s going." And she said no. I tried to develop my own storyline but Mcavity and Deutoronomy and Mr. Mistoffelees just kept running and crawling on and off the stage, introducing each other,  and I had no idea why. At some point Old Deutoronomy was standing on top of a giant, Goodyear tire and then some cat jumped into what looked like a made up space ship and lifted off into the sky. The audience burst into thunderous applause and I wasn’t quite sure why. Since I was having such a hard time following the story, I often found my mind drifting off into no-man’s land–thinking about what I was going to eat at Cafe Intermezzo once we left that place, and thinking about what I was going to write in this blog. By the end of the show I figured I’d forget about trying to understand the story and I’d just enjoy the dancing and that’s what I did and that kinda made the experience a little better.

Once I got home and did a little research I realized that Cats is not supposed to have a story. It’s just a bunch of cats introducing each other and one old, fat cat making a decision about which cat will go to cat heaven. Come to find out the musical is actually based on a collection of poems by T.S. Eliot. The lyrics to all the songs are just the poems set to music. That was an interesting discovery. Reading about it after the fact, I guess I have a better understanding of what the play was about. And it seems like much of my guessing was correct. It totally makes sense now. But I guess I still didn’t really like it very much. It just wasn’t my cup of tea…

And speaking of tea, since Sadie has gone all day without taking her medication, I think it would be wise for her to go get some green tea now, with antioxidants that will help ward off any possible sickness from being out in all that cold weather tonight. The temperature sure did plummet within the last few hours. But at least Sadie doesn’t have to worry about going out in the morning for church and busting her hip…




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31 01 2008

jellical-cats hehehehe

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