When Dreams Come True…

23 01 2008

Last night I was watching the San Diego auditions of American Idol, and I could feel my eyes well up with tears when the last contestant of the night made it to Hollywood. She had auditioned for the show 2 years ago and then got disqualified because her visa didn’t come through (she’s from England). So here she was, trying again to achieve her dream. After Simon, Paula and Randy told her she made it, she came outside and just cried in the arms of her boyfriend. I could feel my eyes well up too because it really is a wonderful thing when dreams come true. When you’ve been waiting for something for so long and then it’s ripped from your grasp. And then you get another shot. It almost feels too good to be true…

I just found out on Friday that I am a finalist for the Art Within Writing Lab fellowship. That’s pretty exciting for me, mostly because I’ve had such a hard time finding a place where my voice as an artist  could not only be appreciated but also honed and improved. The idea of getting into this program I think would be a good deal for me. It would be a shot at getting one step closer to developing a story that will relate to all people. The winners will be announced in a couple of weeks. We’ll see what happens, and we’ll see what dreams may come…




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