Editing Zone

28 01 2008

I am super duper excited right now. I am in the process of editing this documentary on racial segregation within the church. It’s very fascinating because it’s talking about how even now, in 2008, 11 AM is still the most segregated hour in America–blacks usually worship with other blacks, whites usually worship with other whites, etc. Very little do you see truly diversified churches. I’m excited about this doc because this has been an issue that has plagued my mind quite often, especially after having gone to a black church all my life and now going to a predominantly white church. So this documentary is sort of posing the question of why can’t we worship together? As one of the interviewees said, it really should be a sin issue, not a skin issue. Yet, we still let our differences divide us.

It’s taken me awhile to get into this doc, not because of the subject matter but because the worst part of editing for me is logging and capturing. That is the bain of my existence. It’s just so long and tedious. But once I get past that, it’s on and poppin’. That’s when I get into my zone and I literally can stay awake for hours on end just lost in editing. And that’s where I am right now. Suddenly I have so much energy even though it’s midnight. Suddenly I don’t want to watch TV anymore–not even America’s Next Top Model. I really don’t want to be blogging right now. But I needed a quick break. All I want to do is edit. It’s moments like these that make me LOVE being a filmmaker. I love that I am a filmmaker by trade and that my day job helps me to improve because not only do I get to teach other young filmmakers about the craft but that helps me build my craft as well.  I’m so thankful to God that I found my passion in life.




One response

29 01 2008

Wow. After reading about editting you make me want to go out and edit something. Let me at the raw footage from the Godfather I can make it better!

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