I Think Barak Obama Loves Jesus

29 01 2008

I’m really starting to get a little ticked off at all the emails I keep getting about how Christians shouldn’t vote for Barak Obama because he’s Muslim and because he doesn’t salute the flag. First of all, I remember watching a news report on Obama years ago before he was even a presidential candidate and him talking about his faith. The show even had footage of him attending his CHURCH in Chicago, where he had been actively attending for years. They even interviewed his PASTOR. I can’t judge Barak Obama and I don’t know what his walk is like. I know that just because someone goes to church doesn’t necessarily mean they believe in Jesus Christ, but the point is that Barak Obama goes to church, not a mosque. I don’t know where the rumor came from about him being a Muslim…Is it because of his name? That sounds kinda stereotypical don’t you think?

At any rate, I’m not writing this blog to say that we should all go out and vote for Barak Obama. I think I may be leaning more toward Hillary myself. But whether he is a Muslim or not, I’m just getting sick and tired of people basing their votes off of the opinions of others or, even worse, urban legend emails. I think Christians especially have a tendency to just vote for whoever someone in the pulpit tells us has better "morals," rather than focusing on the real issues and then finding the candidate that has the best solution for those issues. I think Christians are always getting duped into voting for people that we think are more "spiritual." We constantly throw up the issues of gay rights and abortion but what about other issues that affect your daily quality of life as Americans? What about health care? What about the environment? The economy? Education? The war? Do we even have a stance on these issues?  Do we even know what’s going on with these issues? Educate yourself people! Watch the news every once in awhile! Do some research! We were duped the last election. Fool us once shame on us… eh.. um.. well, let’s not get fooled again… (And if you didn’t get that joke, you just proved my point.)




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