God Is Amazing…

30 01 2008


God is amazing. Because he sent me an amazing man. And his name is Jon.

Last night I sat in his car and balled my eyes out because I’m happy. And confused. Excited. Bewildered. I feel like I finally have an answer to years of prayer, and yet I’m afraid that at some point it will all be taken away in some sick, cruel joke.

Love is a mess.

Stop trying to explain it. It’s a feeling. It’s a command. It’s all the things that make you feel warm and fuzzy. It’s what makes you feel nothing at all. It makes you love the things you love, and makes you accept the things that you hate. It turns your world upside down and makes you say, do and think things that you never would have before.




4 responses

30 01 2008

I’m happy for you. Hopefully I can say the same thing about woman soon!

30 01 2008

Thanks James! And yeah hopefully so, keep me posted! 🙂

31 01 2008

I guess the kissing break is over!! (smile)

31 01 2008

Just go with it! Take it day by day. It takes courage to press your way through the unknown/unfamiliar.

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