Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

5 02 2008

It’s another one of those days where everything and nothing is on my mind…

I spent most of my day yesterday trying to finish the rough cut of the documentary and come to find out I can’t turn it in after all because I still don’t have all the footage. Aw well. It’s still fun and I still love editing.

Well, today it’s back to school. We’re already halfway through the quarter. I can’t believe I’ll be giving midterms this week. What’s even harder to believe is that I still haven’t even made the midterm up yet…

It’s been 3 days since I’ve seen Jon and for some reason these 3 days have felt like 3 months. I miss him. Weird.

Super Tuesday today. I gotta figure out how I can go vote and still make it to 7|22 tonight.

Last night at small group we were studying the book of Ruth and we got into a wonderful discussion about how in our culture we no longer respect our elders like in times past. Like Ruth respected Naomi enough that she did what she was told, as crazy as it may sound, and went and laid at some strange man’s feet. And she was blessed because of it. It made us ask ourselves the question, "Who are the people that we have in our lives that we look up to and can get advice from?" Especially as single women, who do we have in our community/circle of influence that we can go to not just for support but for solid wisdom when it comes to making decisions outside of our parents? It’s an interesting question because we’ve gotten so accustomed to being grown and being independent that it’s rare that we as a society have older people in our lives that we hold in high regard and would be willing to take their advice hands down. The discussion convicted me because it made me think about my grandmother. I don’t really feel very close to her and therefore I don’t feel like I revere her as much as I should. But I am going to make an attempt to change that by making it a point to reach out and connect with her somehow.

How about you? Do you have elders in your life that you revere and respect?




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