And the Award Goes To……Professor Speaks!

6 02 2008

Today I found out that I was selected by my school as a recipient of the National Institute for Staff and Organization Development (NISOD) Excellence Award. (It’s a long name, I know). Recipients will be honored at a special celebration at the University of Texas at Austin at the end of May. It sounds exciting although I am a bit curious about who selected me for this. It does feel good to be acknowledged for the work that you do. As much as I complain about my students at times, it’s all in love and I really do love teaching, so this is quite an honor. For me, teaching is not really something I just want to do until I get my big break. It’s something that I love. I really want to be there for the students and I want to grow and become the best teacher I can be.

One of my goals for some time has been to become a published professor. I want to write an article to be published in some scholarly journal and I’d love to one day present a paper at some conference like this one I’ll be going to in May. Hopefully this year and I’ll be able to find some people/resources that will help me in this endeavor.




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