Rip Off

13 02 2008

I think I’m being ripped off by my dentist.

So I’ve been on this quest all week to try and find a new one. The problem is, the more I ask around the more I find that other people are being ripped off by their dentist too. One of the girls in my small group did recommend a dentist who’s been getting rave reviews online, but she’s not covered under my insurance. What is a girl to do? In the meantime, I have an appointment with my regular dentist on Monday but I don’t want to cancel unless I’m sure I’ve found someone else to go to. So I’m trying very hard to get a good recommendation. Anybody got any leads?




One response

13 02 2008

IMO Dentists have escaped the HMO/PPO pressures of the their medical colleagues. They simply charge what they want, have really swanky offices, and rarely work Fridays. Guess who pays for the nice office? (you) Guess who pays them enough to work 4 days a week? (you).
Find a dentist with a reasonable office and works 5 days a week and you will find an honest dentist who enjoys his/her work more than the $$.

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